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Chocolate Mousse

Doujinshi circle

Chocolate Mousse doujinshi circle
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Choco Mousse is the LJ for my doujinshi circle Dark Chocolate Mousse.

This is a journal for contributers to Dark Chocolate Mousse publications and for those interested in doujinshi and the practical side of printing. We put out two books a year, a Yaoi book and an all ages book. (we'll see how long that lasts.) Submissions are always open. Just reply to posts or e-mail me.

In print

Dark Chocolate Mousse: 64 pages 8.5x11, color cover B&W interior. Available for $8.00 + $2.00 s&h. Must provide proof of age- this book is strictly 18 and over.

Red Velvet Cake: 20 pages, digest size, color cover B&W interior. All Hellsing fanbook. Available for $3.00+ $1.50 s&h All ages.