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Doujinshi Y-con 07

Well, since only 1 person submitted anything only one person os getting published. I'm printing mein_leibe's HP Trinity Blood crossover and I'm providing illos for it. 

I put up a request for art on DA but who knows...

Maybe by Fanime someone will have something done.
That's right kids! We're goin to Yaoi con!!!! Priority mail paid off and appently tables are SOLD OUT! BUT, don't get too happy yet, the fan market is going to be split into two rooms which DOES mean slower and fewer sales. The plus side is that Ycon has very good maps in the con guides but I'm not sure I'll clear what I did last year.

Secondly- we have enough Harry Potter material to warrent it's own book (thanks too mein_liebe), SO if you have Harry Potter fanfics or know someone who has hP fanfics, please send them my way. I'm also hoping to illustrate the fanfics for that added bit of interest. And any pinups would be good too.

I still want an actual doujinshi though, with comics init. I have a partially penciled peice that I've been not working on for about 3 years and someone volunteered to ink it. Color me releived. BUT it is an original and won't sell unless accompanied by other fan works.

So get crackalakin!

Deadline Yaoicon 07

Okay, I need all the work by Sept. Mid Sept. at the latest. Earlier is always best. If you miss the first deadline just e-mail me and I'll let you know if it's too late or not.

I'm also thinking of publishing a book of illustrated fanfics SEPERATE from the doujinshi! But only if I get enough fanfics and volunteers to do illos for them!!


Is anyone doing anything for Yaoi-con? Of course getting a table may be another story. There's no fan hall tis year :O!! OMG! Were else can I sell all those copies of the uberpornful Dark Chocolate Mousse??

Panic aside let's all focus! Kingdom Hearts- Bleach- Ouran High Host Club! This is what sells! OH! And anything Harry Potter :) And soon we'll know who all dies at the end ;)

Original comics are welcome too! I may actually finish the one I've been working on for 4 yrs now? OMG! I need an inker. I'm LAZEY!

Hellsing Cover

I thought you all might want to see the cover :) Yay! The book came out to 20 pages.

Hellsing doujinshi cover
by ~spiderliing666 on deviantART

Hellsing final hour update!

OK my pages are done and I'm coloring the cover!!! Fanime is so freakin close, I'm dyin! Looks like the book will be about 15-16 pages so I think I'll put $3.00 on it, which is good espesially with the color cover. I'll be making 15 copies. Contributors will get their copies after Fanime when I will have time to breathe.

Welcome new members! I looked over the members and we have some new names! Hooray!

What does everyone wnat to do for Yaoi con??? And anthology? Or another themed book? Evryone has a say! If you've got something let me know!

Now would be a good time!!

Okay, fanime is drawing ever closer and I need stuff for the book!! I'm hoping to squeeze 14 or so pages out of this debacle.

So, pin-ups are fine, single page gag strips, anything you can whip up related to Hellsing would be awesome!!

It's APRIL!!

Time for Hellsing work to start drifting in!! Please. I need stuff.


I'm still working on the Hellsing pages that are mine, and there seem to be a few others working as well!! Only two months until Fanime so get cracking!

Also- members- feel free to post. If some one is looking artists, or writers or inkers or whatever! Or you just want to talk! It's okay :D


Here's how to order the first doujinshi Dark Chocolate Mousse; Paypal $10 to Che Gilson at emperorkiryn@yahoo.com the $10 includes shipping. I also need some form of id. You must be 18 or older to buy the book so maybe scan you drivers liscence and e-mail. the jpg. I don't need the number or address so blur those out in Photoshop, just the dates will be fine. Is that ok? Anyone have better ideas?? Please share if you do, I don't know how things work...